Native American Bear Kachina

Kachinas are regarded as sacred spirits in the Native American community and believed to give people favorable traits when they wear the symbols that represent that figure. One such Kachina is the Bear Kachina. This figure is believed to have great strength and even protect people from evil spirits that could lead to illness and loss.

The art of crafting Kachina dolls is one for the Native American tribes to honor this belief. The dolls are usually composed of a fine wood and handmade from nature. Some artists even go into great detail to make their Kachina dolls great works of art to honor their heritage. The purpose of the Kachina doll is to teach Native American children the history and culture of their heritage when they start to understand the rituals and ceremonies of their respective tribe.

In many rituals, the Native American tribesman wears the clothes and masks of the Kachina for their dance ceremonies, which is another valuable lesson they must teach the next generation to pass the torch. Depending on the culture, the Kachinas themselves represent deities of nature or the ancestral spirits of the Native American people.

Each Kachina is distinct and often appears with the same animal features of their namesake, carved into their masks. The mighty Bear Kachina, for example, is a strong warrior that provides protection and often represents leadership as well.

People that place a Bear Kachina doll within their home can expect to gain:

  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Courage

The Bear Kachina is a warrior type, which means that this doll is typically featured with a stern expression, with a powerful stance to boot. This figure is truly something to behold and those that honor the Bear Kachina into their home will not regret honoring this powerful spirit of nature.

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