Native American Bear Jewelry

About Native American Bear Jewelry

History and Meaning of Native American Bear Jewelry

Native Americans have a great amount of respect for the bear. For certain tribes, wearing Native American bear jewelry is their way to honor these powerful animals. To the American Indians, the bear embodied the spirit of the warrior and demands great respect in turn.

Native American Bear Jewelry Symbolism

Even peaceful tribes honor the nature and spirit of a warrior. Wearing Native American bear jewelry allows the wearer to embody the courage and strength of this noble animal. Wearing bear jewelry also symbolizes:

  • Bravery
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Confidence
  • Victory

Elders influence on Native American Bear Jewelry

The tribe elders, known for their wisdom, greatly influenced tribe views of the bear’s importance. During a trance walk, a Shoshone elder witnessed a bear clan performing a ritual dance. What he witnessed was an incredible sight of bears standing upright performing what appeared to be a ritual dance. This tribe began wearing Native American bear jewelry to show respect to the bear and to embody the strength and spirit of the bear. Wearing bear jewelry tribes began their own ritual dances of strength, tribe longevity, and protection.

Wisdom Given from Native American Bear Jewelry

The girth and physical prowess of the bear gives the wearer of bear jewelry the feeling of success and confidence. Native Americans that wear bear jewelry as his or her totem will be looked upon as brave and strong. Despite their ferocity, these creatures can also be seen as peaceful, tranquil, creature giving the wearer a feeling of harmony and balance.

Native American Bear Jewelry Meaning

The Cree adopted the bear as a symbol of a good hunt. Ceremonies took place prior to a hunt featuring the bear, and hunters would wear bear jewelry. Bear skulls were also hung in living quarters to inspire dreams of the bear bringing luck for a successful hunt. Sioux women would wear bear jewelry to give them strength during pregnancy. Native American bear jewelry also stood for:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Power
  • Freedom
  • Unpredictability
  • Protection
  • Courage

The bear symbol in the Sioux tribe has a healing element to it. One legend tells of a mother struggling during pregnancy. This mother shared her secret for strength during pregnancy with her human sisters.

American Indians began wearing Native American bear jewelry as a symbol of brotherhood too. The bear imparts not only wisdom and a feeling of protection, but also gives a majestic and powerful presence to the wearer.

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